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BACO disinfection systems are in-situ and on demand to provide the right amount when you need it.It's cost effective than traditional powdered, granulated and gaseous chlorine methods...
Packaged BACO: Indoor & outdoor pools and jacuzzies
Advantages:Increasing water clarity & quality & No eye irritation,itchy skin & dry hair..
Manufacturing devices for measuring water quality parameters (digital devices for measuring Water Chlorine and pH and titration) and cholorine & PH Reagents
BACO system is safe, easy to use & effective for pool swimming's water disinfection.
Moble BACO: Fast mobile Disinfection with  water's Lab
Disinfection pen: The smallest our product for water disinfection
Designing and manufacturing urban and industrial waste water treatment plants( waste water treatment packages)
Studying the techniques for water and waste water disinfection using multiple disinfectants in integrated form (Designing and manufacturing fusion disinfection  system BACO)
Behin Ab Zendeh Rood Activity Subject
Thursday, 23 Apr 2015
VISIT US AT  THE BIG 5 CONSTRUCT INDONESIA STAND  : 1 E 67   Hall:1 Behin AB ZendeRood 7 - 9 May 2015  , 10:00 -17:00 ِDaily Jakarta Interna ...
BACO Advanced Mixed Oxidants Disinfection system
Tuesday, 21 Apr 2015
BACO disinfection systems is using salt (sodium chloride ) to produce 7  mixed oxidants sulution :  1- sodium hypochlorite 2- Ozone 3- Hydrogen ...
Equipping Isfahan Refinery is the other in progress project
Monday, 07 Jul 2014
Isfahan Refinery is equipping with BACO disinfection system.that is  on- site cholorine generation system for producting  50kg Mixed Oxidants pe ...

About Behin Ab Zendeh Rood Corporation

Considering sustainability issues and also Sustainable Environment and its importance in the lives of today's human race is a matter that cannot be ignored simply. Importance of activities in this regard is a task that all attempts should be addressed to. Otherwise In the near future there will be no environment which is protected in Iran.

Sustainability means being a new and important association that it implies the biggest change of thought and human behavior. Essentially, Stability is considered about global environment. What is perceived in the last 20 or 30 years is that Environment has a limited capacity. However, it has been said and written much about environmental crisis. This company rejects this idea that says “do nothing because nothing helps “and has addressed a way to reach a stable and bright future for the environment and tries to work with different activities and much researches as a successful researching company in water and environment in Iran. This company could have been successful using experienced engineers and technical experts in urban, rural and industrial water and waste water utilities, designing advanced packages for urban and industrial Wastewater Treatment, manufacturing laboratory devices for measuring water quality parameters and also activities in environmental impact assessment.